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4 Tricks for Make-Up Lasting All Day

Make-up coming off way too soon? Never again! Read about the best make-up tricks – you’ll be sorry you didn’t know them before!

#1 Give your face cream time to sink in

Are you applying a thick layer of face cream? Well, then you probably don’t have problems with make-up coming off. Using too much moisturizer or not allowing it to sink in make your make-up foundation transfer because it can’t blend with the skin. A simple trick that most people wouldn’t even think of is about letting your skin soak up the moisturizer before applying foundation. This way you make the most of both products, ensure even coverage, and enjoy long-wear make-up. One more key thing: make sure your foundation goes with your skin type!

#2 Use a make-up sponge

Beauty Blender… I’m sure you’ve heard of it but you may be wondering if you’ll know how to use it. It’s a child’s play, and such an accessory produces amazing effects, giving us natural-looking make-up which lasts extremely long! Some make-up buffs say that make-up sponges are literally life-savers! Make-up artists can’t do without it either. Trade a brush for a small sponge which ensures a flawless finish. Wet it with some water, get some foundation on the sponge or directly on the face, and gently pat it on. Make sure it’s damp, not soaking wet. You can use the pointy tip of the sponge for applying some loose powder for flawless looks – the matte finish will be very natural. It’s easy to keep make-up sponges clean which is another great positive.

#3 Apply some lip liner under lipstick

A lip liner is made for defining or correcting the shape of the lips. In the 1980s it was used for creating contrast between colors. Nowadays it’s mostly used for making the lips appear fuller and bigger. Kylie Jenner uses this trick! Outline your lips with a lip liner and… use it all over the lips! We’re not joking: apply the lip liner like a lipstick. Choose colors which go with the lipstick you want to apply next. Your lip make-up will last longer and won’t smudge even after having a drink or lunch.

#4 Use eyeshadow primer

Eyeshadow getting in the creases is a popular problem. Many people think it’s caused by poor-quality eyeshadow but it’s not always the case. Oftentimes, our skin produces oil which makes the product ‘move’ and settle in the creases. Applying a matte eyeshadow first should solve the problem. A waterproof cream like Maybelline Tattoo Shadow works great too. We should make use of mattifying products which absorb excess oil. There are special primers which make eyeshadow cling to the skin holding it for the entire day.