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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Nail Polish

Nail polish is a big element of our image, an important thing for celebs on the red carpet but also, us, ‘mortals’. Do you know how much the most expensive nail polish is? When was it invented? Read fun facts about nail polish!

  1. Once you open your nail polish, it will be good for use for a year. If it hardens and you want to extend its life, you can freshen it up by adding some nail polish remover. Just don’t overuse this trick.
  2. The most expensive nail polish costs $250,000 – it contains 267-carat black diamonds and is made by Azature, a producer of jewelry, called the Black Diamond King. The good news is we can get a cheaper version.
  3. Nail polish was invented in China around 3000 BC. The first nail polish was made from beeswax, gelatin, flowers (coloring agent) and egg whites.
  4. According to psychologists, the color of nail polish that you pick isn’t random. Studies carried out by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that we like to choose colors that make us think of positive things like light blue – the color of the sky. We don’t go for colors that bring us down making us think of disgusting things like dead bodies or rotten food.
  5. American actress Rita Hayworth was known for overusing red nail polish and lipstick. She’s regarded as a red nail polish trendsetter. Madonna, on the other hand, was famous for her neon nails in the 1980s.
  6. Dentist, Dr. Stuart Nordstrom was the one who invented a chemical substance which is used for making acrylic nail polish.
  7. Rankandstyle is a website which gathers the best beauty items on the basis of customers’ reviews posted on the Internet and social media. It says that Tom Ford’s “Black Cherry” is the best nail polish in the world. This color is sold out as soon as it’s restocked but you can put yourself on a waiting list…