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Castor oil vs. Eyelash serum – Comparison and opinions

‘Why should I even use an eyelash serum? Is castor oil not enough?’
‘I have been applying castor oil to my lashes and eyebrows for 3 months now. When may I expect to notice any results?’
‘How does an eyelash serum work? Perhaps it’d be better to use natural castor oil instead?’

This kind of views concerning eyelash serum and castor oil can be found all over the Internet, in many various places. This is the proof that we aren’t certain what is best for our little hair surrounding the eyes.

It’s high time to change this! Today, we’re going to compare two, the most popular products delivering eyelash conditioning action: castor oil and eyelash serum. Which one will turn out to be a better solution?

1. Eyelash serum vs. Castor oil – PRICE
When it comes to the price, castor oil is unbeatable here – it costs little and it can be bought at almost any pharmacy’s. A good eyelash serum costs more but while taking into consideration the spectacular effects, it becomes clear that this kind of product is worth every penny. Also, it has to be realized that eyelash serum is more efficient.

2. Eyelash serum vs. Castor oil – PRACTICALITY AND APPLICATION
In this case the undisputed winner is eyelash serum. Everybody who has ever tried to apply castor oil to lashes can confirm that the greasy substance gets into eyes causing discomfort and problems with vision. As a consequence, instead of delivering relief to lashes, we doom them to constant eye rubbing. On the other hand, an eyelashes serum is a liquid, colourless substance that has to be applied using just one motion; right at the lash root line. This substance is absorbed immediately to reach eyelash bulbs and strengthen the lashes from the very basis. This product has to be applied once a day, at bedtime, after precise make-up removal. When it comes to castor oil, it is not clearly specified how often should it be applied to lashes so as to obtain the looked-for effects.

3. Eyelash serum vs. Castor oil – EFFICIENCY
Here is when many women, who use castor oil, may get disappointed. The truth is, there are no scientific proofs that castor oil stimulates eyelash growth. Its action mainly depends on protecting lashes from damages. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that this natural substance influences lash extension nor its thickening.

Eyelash serum, thanks to penetrating to eyelash bulbs, is able to nourish them and encourage to more efficient work. As a consequence, lashes grow faster, become significantly longer and thicker.

This short comparison revealed all flaws and undisputed assets of eyelash serums. In the light of this, we should not be surprised why eyelash serum wins so many positive opinions.