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Eyelashes – causes of weakness, methods of care

The tiny hair protects our eyes from dust, dirt and harmful objects. They should definitely be given some attention for completing this mission perfectly. How to take care of your eyelashes properly? What are the best eyelash care products? How to prevent them from weakening and restore their beauty?

We usually go online to find the answers to the above-mentioned questions. Unfortunately, the overload of information often makes it difficult to find a decent recipe on how to take care of lashes the proper way. Nevertheless, ensuring the health of the hundreds of tiny hair is not as difficult as it might seem.

What damages lashes?

Before we give the answer to that question, it is essential to learn that lashes have the same structure as our hair. Therefore, the same things are harmful to them. Lash’s condition can weaken due to blazing sun, toxins, high temperature, mechanical factors, harsh cosmetic ingredients, inappropriate methods of care, etc. In fact, lashes can weaken even due to using waterproof mascara or an out-of-date eyeshadow. However, inappropriate care is not the only reason why lashes become weaker, also hormonal imbalance (pregnancy, menopause), weakening of the body’s immunity or diseases also have negative of the condition of our lashes.

How to take care of lashes?

There are various methods of lash care. Before you chose one of them or combine the powers of all three options, it is extremely important that you eliminate harmful factors. First of all, stop using cosmetics that can increase lash weakening. Turn away from a lash curler that often deforms, breaks and plucks lashes. Also, eyelash extensions must be avoided. Allow your natural lashes to have a rest from the heavy falsies; this will minimize irritations as well.

Another golden rule is to handle them gently at all times and in return, lashes will grow strong and healthy. You can go for one of the following methods of care:

– the use of an eyelash serum,

– apply oil to the lashes, for instance, castor oil,

– use mascaras infused with nutrients.

As you can see, the number one among the most reliable method of lash care is the use of an eyelash serum. Nothing is capable of providing a concentrated dose of nutrients to the lash as a top-rated lash serum. Such a product is also a great support for weak lashes that helps them grow longer, healthier and thicker. Bear in mind, that the best serums are the ones which come with an eyeliner-like applicator in the form of a thin, pointy brush which makes the application easier (it delivers the valuable ingredients straight to the bulbs). In addition, another feature of a high-quality serum is a well-thought-out composition infused with natural plant extracts.