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Ghasel Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser – Your Daily Dose Of Hydration


GHASEL MALTESE HONEY FACE MOISTURISERGhasel Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser – Your Daily Dose Of Hydration

Why is moisturizing so important? Every skin type needs proper care. Skin is exposed to negative factors such as smog, extreme temperatures, wind or pollution daily. Lack of protection in the form of moisturizer can result in excessive dryness, premature aging, irritation or dull skin tone – the list of effects of lack of proper care is much longer… Moisturizing cream is the key to a beautiful and healthy complexion at any age. It provides your skin with the most important ingredients for maintaining it in good condition. The best thing you can do for your face is to supply it with a dose of vitamins and active ingredients from Ghasel Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser. Find out what makes it so special!

Thyme honey straight from Malta in Ghasel moisturiser

It is also known as “red honey” because of its amber color. This extremely aromatic thyme honey has a number of unique properties. Maltese honey is a rich source of valuable vitamin C that can’t be found in any other honey in this amount! It effectively nourishes, regenerates and moisturizes dry skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritation and calm redness. Vitamin C brightens blemishes, unifies the skin tone and boosts a healthy glow. Honey smooths wrinkles and makes the face soft and supple. This is the reason why Maltese honey is the base of Ghasel cosmetics.

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Ghasel Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser – ingredients and properties

  • Thyme honey: nourishes, regenerates, brightens and has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Shea butter: moisturizes, soothes, lubricates and creates a protective film on the skin
  • Green tea: soothes inflammation, calms irritation, stimulates and tones the skin
  • Sage: its antibacterial properties help combat imperfections
  • Castor oil: softens, stimulates collagen and elastin production and firms the skin
  • Caffeine: energizes, reduces puffiness and improves microcirculation
  • Vegetable glycerin: coats the skin, prevents water loss and binds moisture in the skin
  • Vitamin E: anti-wrinkle properties, neutralizes harmful effects of UV rays, rejuvenates and smooths the skin


Ghasel Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser – who is it for?

The non-greasy and lightweight formula of Ghasel moisturiser is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin. The universal formula works well for all skin types: dry, normal, combination and oily. Each ingredient of the moisturiser improves the condition of the skin and has a positive effect on its appearance. Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser is especially recommended for dry, sensitive and mature skin. Learn more about the product: