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The history of an eyelash serum

It is safe to say that the need for beauty was born with … a woman. Ladies, with particular reverence, treat hair and their little brothers – eyelashes. A lot has been written about the hair and their care through the centuries, but the history of the eyelash serum still obscures the mist of understatement. It is time to change this, especially that in recent years there has been a real eyelash care boom.

Cleopatra, milk and olives 

It might be surprising, but already in ancient Egypt, eyelashes were taken care of and much attention was paid to them. Women knew the power of beautiful eyes, and this … made life a lot easier. The Egyptians began to darken their lashes with a blend of soot, oil and protein. Ancient Greece was not left far behind – women used oil not only for eyelashes but also eyebrows and skin.

Cleopatra, in addition to the oils, also used milk in her beauty rituals – which in the light of the information that the lashes consist of keratin proteins – was a hit.

Oils and herbs – beauty and care in harmony with nature

For centuries, the tradition of eyelash care has not changed too much. Women, having no choice, simply took over the ancient recipes and continued using them. In addition to the treatment with milk and oils, women also rubbed herbal infusions into the small hairs. Furthermore, the ladies also found a way to stiffen and shape both eyelashes and eyebrows – they reached for the protein of the chicken, to discipline them and protect them from damage. It was probably the first eyelash serum that simultaneously conditioned the eyebrows.

Contemporary times – castor oil, petrolatum jelly and … eyelash serum

Without a doubt, the 20th century belongs to the castor oil. It is a multi-functional cosmetic of our great-grandmothers, which was supposed to be a remedy for everything from stomach problems, through eyelashes and eyebrows, to hair. Castor oil was used interchangeably with vaseline, which was supposed to protect the lashes from damage. Unfortunately, both substances irritate the conjunctiva and worsen the vision.

Only the recent years have brought the best solution you can imagine: today’s eyelash serum fully deserves this glorious name. They regenerate eyelashes from the bulb and make the entire lash line fuller. Eyelash serum makes the eyelash extensions no longer necessary. The 21st century focuses on beauty combined with conscious care.