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8 Untypical Uses for Coconut Oil – Check Them Out!

Even though coconut oil has been slightly crowded out by argan, castor or jojoba oil, it is still the top pick for many girls. Most of them use it merely as a face cream or body lotion while it has at least 8 other uses!

Here are the most interesting beauty uses for coconut oil. Definitely worth knowing and useful!

1. Coconut oil as shaving cream

Have you run out of a shave cream? Don’t worry! Use natural, thick coconut oil. It makes a great shaving cream that makes a razor glide across the skin smoothly so you can avoid cuts and scabs. Use it after shaving as well. Coconut oil minimizes irritaties, softens, and smoothes the skin.

2. Coconut oil to secure hair ends

You can use the same oil as a natural serum to keep hair ends from splitting. Simply scoop up some coconut oil, rub it between the palms and into the ends to prevent mechanical injuries and loss of moisture.

3. Coconut oil for massage

Interestingly, coconut oil works well as a massage oil too. It is quite thick, particularly unrefined and cold-pressed oil, but you can easily melt it over steam: warm oil will give a nice feel on the skin and you will do a relaxing massage easily. Worth a shot!

4. Coconut oil for whiter teeth

Coconut oil as natural toothpaste is definitely one of the untypical uses. Coconut oil without any additives works for brushing the teeth (if you don’t mind it doesn’t lather) because it has antibacterial effects. If you add activated carbon, you get a natural whitening toothpaste which really works.

5. Coconut oil as post-sun lotion

The skin is often irritated and very dry after sunbathing, therefore, it is essential to use the right soothing and moisturizing lotion. If you haven’t got it on hand, get coconut oil moving!

6. Coconut oil as lip balm

You can’t forget that natural coconut oil works as a great lip balm. This simple substance lets you avoid burning, cracked lips that hurt. You can put some oil in a tiny jar and always have it on, massaging the oil into the lips when necessary. If you enrich it with some pigment, you get a nourishing lipstick that gives lovely color.

7. Coconut oil to soothe cuts and burns

The soothing effect of coconut oil makes it a great remedy for cuts and burns. Coconut oil makes skin heal faster. Most of all it prevents scarring.

8. Coconut oil as natural deodorant

Finally, the use for coconut oil which will surprise most of you. Did you know your coconut oil can work as natural deodorant? It’s because it has antibacterial properties. Obviously, it doesn’t prevent sweating but it does neutralize the odor and keep the skin fresh for much longer. Adding baking soda gives better-working deodorant but the mixture may irritate hypersensitive, reactive skins.

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