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BB cream – How to apply it to create flawless look?

BB cream is a real hit in makeup – it unifies skin care and flawless makeup in just one product. However, do you know that it has to be applied a little bit differently than a regular foundation? Also, it shouldn’t be applied like a regular face cream either. How to apply BB cream to have gorgeously-looking complexion? It turns out that you must follow a few simple yet very important rules if you want to put it on properly. Learn them all to enjoy stunning and flawless face skin.

The most important rules concerning application of BB cream

1. BB Cream is not a foundation!

Many women forget about that and apply BB cream just as if they were applying a regular foundation, which means that they use too much of the product. As a consequence, they create nothing else but unnatural look and unwanted mask effect. Instead, you should apply a really small amount of a BB cream – a pea-size drop is enough – and pat it delicately into face skin so as to prevent too thick and at the same time heavy layer of coverage.

However, if you want to achieve stronger camouflage, try to apply BB creams in stages. To clarify, after applying one sheer coat of BB cream, follow with another coat and pat it into your face just like you did it with the first coat. This technique will help you stay away from mask effect.

2. Wait a few minutes before applying BB cream

If you have your own morning beauty routine and, for example, decide to use some other beauty products such as cream, toner or serum – you must give it time to absorb fully. Then you can follow with BB cream. Otherwise BB cream will mix with the cosmetic, cake or leave blemishing and uneven marks. To sum up, let all the cosmetics penetrate your skin freely and then you can apply BB cream to create flawless look.

3. Apply BB cream in the right way

BB cream is called ‘cream’ only because of the nourishing properties it displays, which doesn’t apply to the way in which this beauty product should be put on a face. Therefore, don’t smudge it but delicately pat into your complexion.

Squeeze out the right amount of the BB cream and apply it to forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Now, you can start patting it into skin. Thanks to this technique you will create smudge-proof effect. Also, this will help your BB cream to melt into skin.

This will also make you apply less product which also translates into creating a natural effect without leaving face overburdened. If your face has some blemishes, you can cover them up by applying an additional layer of the BB cream – pat it. This method stimulates metabolic rate of the cells which works rejuvenating and encourages skin to regenerate faster.

Another idea is to make use of a brush or a sponge which allows you to distribute BB cream evenly on your face. This method is incredibly convenient and helps you to create delicate yet effective camouflage. Using either brush or sponge minimizes the risk of transporting bacteria onto your face, which naturally happens if you use your fingers to apply the product. In this way you prevent appearance of acne and allergic reactions. Before using either of the accessories, dampen them first – just as you do it while applying a regular foundation. Now, stamp your face to spread BB cream evenly over your face.

4. Let BB cream absorb!

When you apply BB cream, wait a few minutes so as to let the nourishing substances penetrate deep into skin and bring out the looked-for effects. If you want the BB cream to stay longer on your face, or if your face is oily, you can make it matte by applying a transparent powder. Last but not least, if you want to touch up your makeup during a day, refrain from applying another layer of BB cream or powder. Instead, reach for oil blotting sheets that will remove the excess of sebum without ruining your makeup.

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