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Eyebrows’ make-up – How to choose?

Thick, dense and expressive eyebrows are the top trend. Unfortunately, not every woman can say it about hers. Luckily, the cosmetic market offers numerous make-up products able to grant you the flawless eyebrow make-up. Just choose the cosmetic that matches your taste, preferences and possibilities.

  • Eyebrow tint — is a semi-liquid product in a tube. It is applied with a brush — small amount is enough to create a perfect make-up. Thanks to the eyebrow tint you can fill in the deficits in the brows — it looks natural and very professional. Eyebrow tint is long-lasting, does not rub off, can last an entire day and is a marvellous product for ladies who have fairly thin eyebrows and opt for thicker and denser eyebrows. An alternative for eyebrow tint is eyebrow pomade — similar in application but way thicker; easier to apply to the brow ridge.
  • Eyebrow mascara — resembles classical mascara but smaller with more precise and handy wand. It helps comb and facilitate hairs while providing beautiful even colour. When choosing the shade of brown, you need to remember that it cannot be too dark — then make-up may appear as grotesque.
  • Eyebrow powder/wax — eyebrow powder is usually accompanied by the wax. It is one of the most popular make-up products. The wax is applied to the eyebrows as a first step to provide the correct shape. Thanks to it, the eyebrow powder gains grip and does not flake. Many women use eyebrow powder in combination with an eyebrow pencil or pomade — it is great to fill the entire brow ridge and for eyebrows to appear denser and way more expressive.
  • Eyebrow pencil — classic, known for years, undisputed “queen of eyebrow make-up”. Most women are keen on the use of it due to the pencil being handy and convenient. A good eyebrow pencil can darken the brow ridge but also add those individual hairs. The lead in the pencil can have various shapes — one of the best ideas is one with a triangular intersection — allows the creation of lines of various thickness and provides precise make-up.

All ladies who are not satisfied with denser eyebrows with just the make-up and want more natural and long-lasting effect, will definitely like eyelash serum. It is a product that not only regenerates but also stimulates eyebrows growth, fixes the deficits in the brow ridge. Thanks to it, eyelashes will look flawless every time of the day and night.

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