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Eyelash care with Revitalash. What are the effects?

The growing awareness of eyelash care encourages women to reach for support in the form of eyelash serums. One of the most popular lash targeting cosmetics is Revitalash. Is it an effective product? How does it work? Below you will find answers to these questions and more.

With age our eyelashes grow weaker and need reinforcement delivered from the outside. Frequently, they lack vitamins and minerals such as zinc, silica and magnesium. Their state can be influenced by many factors, including even the diet we follow. The more diversified food products we consume, the better condition and appearance of our lashes are. Actually, eyelash weakening is also caused by many other factors, therefore, we can reach for serums when our lashes:

– get weak as a consequence of frequent false eyelash extension attachment,
– are lost as a result of undergoing treatment targeting a chronic illness,
– are in a poor state because of hormonal fluctuations,
– fall out in great numbers due to a disease,
– are thin, weak and brittle by their nature (we want to strengthen them).

What does Revitalash contain?

One of the products that women reach for when they experience problems with eyelashes is Revitalash eyelash serum. It contains a set of conditioning substances such as nanopeptides, amino acids, B-group vitamins, as well as vegetable extracts such as: dwarf palmetto, ginseng, green tea, wheat, common marigold and Ginkgo biloba. The composition is rich in nourishing and strengthening substances, which doesn’t mean though that this product is suitable for everyone. It’s worth realizing, the more substances a particular product contains, the greater the possibility there is to get irritated by one of them. Most eyelashes prefer minimalism because they need just a few substances to get stronger.

How does it work?

If applied regularly, Revitalash eyelash serum provides lashes with nourishment and maintains moisture at the right level. Depending on the susceptibility to the product’s ingredients as well as the initial state of lashes, the product may help rebuild minor damages. In some cases, Revitalash accelerates eyelash growth but mostly it’s a nourishing and conditioning product. It works providing that it’s applied regularly and when all directions for use are followed.

If you care for providing your lashes with stronger action, it’s worth looking for alternatives because the abundance of eyelash serums gives us plenty of possibilities nowadays.