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Eyelash serum – the bride’s best friend

The perfect complement to the image of the bride in a snow-white dress and a perfect hairstyle is the bridal makeup. The look is best emphasized by thick, long and beautifully curled eyelashes. There are two options – either getting lash extensions or increasing length of your natural eyelashes.

Every girl wants to look stunning on her wedding day. And it’s not about feeling like a celebrity on that day. Brides-to-be want to emphasize their beauty and prepare their gowns for months, they reserve the best hairdressers and make-up artist.

The use of an eyelash serum before the wedding 

All preparations can be wasted if our eyelashes are weak, thin and fall out. Even the best mascara will not emphasize them, false eyelashes will not stick…unfortunately, without bold lashes, the makeup will not have a perfect finish. What do we do?

Wise brides choose eyelash serums – cosmetics with a complex effect on eyelashes. However, you need to think about this treatment a little earlier – you need a minimum of 3 months. Usually, we plan the wedding long in advance, so the issue of pre-wedding care does not have to be postponed until the last moment.

How does this serum work? Professional eyelash strengthening serum is a multitasking cosmetic. It does not only nourish and provide the right level of moisture but also boosts lash growth. After a few weeks, eyelashes become much stronger, more elastic, longer, thicker, and therefore denser. It is much easier to emphasize them with mascara because they are already very expressive on their own – the product brings out their natural beauty.

The best eyelash conditioners are those composed of the best quality ingredients, preferably with the addition of natural extracts. Equally important to the composition, is the application method, or rather the type of the applicator. Brushes do not work because they do not provide the possibility of precise application of the serum to the eyelash line. To work quickly and intensively, a thin applicator is needed to easily apply the conditioner at the base of eyelashes.

How to use such an eyelash serum? It is advisable to follow the instructions on the leaflet because even the best eyelash serum will not be effective if we only use it once in a while. Regularity is the key to success. Serum should be applied every evening just after thorough makeup removal and facial cleansing.