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Eyelashes in close-up – what damages them and what helps?

What damages eyelashes? We do not think too often about their condition.

Meanwhile, there are numerous factors contributing to weakening lashes. What is more, many myths have arisen in regard to eyelash care. This post dispells most of them and directs a better way to proper lash treatment. Does the mascara harm lashes? Can lash growth be boosted? Is makeup removal harmful? How to nourish eyelashes? Below, you will find the answers to those and other questions regarding lash treatment.

Get to know your enemy – what is dangerous to our lashes?

Life is not that easy for eyelashes. There are many factors that have a negative influence on their condition. This is the anti-care list – all things that should be avoided to have beautiful lashes.

– poor diet that lacks vitamins and minerals,

– cigarette fumes,

– stress, lack of sleep,

– inappropriate cosmetics,

– too invasive makeup removal (rubbing and pulling the eyelid and eyelashes),

– diseases and taking medicine,

– eyelash curler,

– eyelash extensions,

– applying false eyelashes,

– mascara with dreadful components,

– dry air from radiators or air-conditioners,

– too low or too high temperatures.

How to take care of eyelashes?

It might be difficult to exclude all the harmful factors that contribute to damaging lashes. Sometimes, we do not have that much influence on what is going on in our lives and the amount of stress we have on a daily basis or the diseases we have to deal with. Nevertheless, we can still do a lot of good by a proper daily care. All you need to do is to change your eating habits, get more sleep and use a product that is designed to regenerate lashes. Eyelash conditioners are a novelty in the cosmetic market yes it is the best remedy for weak, damaged and short lashes. Its tremendous effects and easy application make the lash serum an unbeatable product in the field of lash care. In order to choose the best lash serum that will fulfil all your needs, it is best to check out online reviews and opinions. They go into detail with each product and explain which serum will best for your lashes. What is more, it is worth mentioning, that a lash serum used regularly will not only regenerate them but also increase their length and thicken the lashline. To maintain the stunning effects of fuller-looking, beautiful lashes it is also good to purchase a good-quality makeup remover thanks to which you will avoid harsh makeup removal, rubbing and pulling.