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How to eliminate discolourations and acne marks? D.I.Y. face masks

How to eliminate discolourations and acne marks D.I.Y. face masksHow do discolorations and acne marks are formed?

Usually, problem with acne is handled with strong antibiotics treatment. Such medicament dry out acne, leaving at the same time unaesthetic discolorations and acne marks all over the face. Their size and colour depend on the state of completion of acne and the intensity of melanine production in skin cells. Having this in mind, acne marks can have the form of either small, bright pink marks or big and dark brown skin lesions of irregular shapes. The most difficult to eliminate are the skin thickening and red discolorations. Luckily, the present-day medicine gives us helping hand and provides us with numerous specifics that enables us to defeat all the above-mentioned skin imperfections. To such healing substances, we can count among silicone ointments that can be bought at chemist’s. Nevertheless, if you are a person keen on traditional remedies, try face masks, compresses or fruit and vegetable toners made at home.

Lemon toner, parsley compress and face masks – D.I.Y.

The most common natural cosmetic that can both fight acne marks and be prepared at home is a lemon toner. All you have to do is mix boiled water with lemon juice. Now, your toner is ready to combat the skin imperfection. Soak a cotton pad with your homemade cosmetic product and rub your face, neck, cleavage. Repeat the procedure every morning and evening. The toner refreshes, purifies, restores natural pH level and highlights, however, this kind of treatment requires a little bit of patience.

Parsley compresses can also work as our ally with the battle against acne marks and discolourations. Finely chopped parsley has to be covered with hot water and left aside for approximately 30 minutes. Soak gauze with slightly drained infusion and apply it on the discolourations. Keep it on the face for approximately 10 minutes. In order to strengthen working of the preparation, you can add a few drops of lemon juice and a spoon of homogenized yogurt.

Basically, the healing and cosmetic properties of cucumber have been know by our grandmothers. Why? This vegetable is outstanding in terms of face cleansing, refreshment and skin pores contraction. Mix grated cucumber with a spoon of yogurt or a moisturizing cram and lemon juice. Put your D.I.Y. face mask on the face, neck and cleavage and hold it there for approximately 20 minutes. Such a cosmetic is considered to highlight discolourations, contract skin pores and moisturize. Generally speaking, the cucumber face mask is recommended for people having oily or combination skin type.

For women experiencing small discolourations and broken blood vessels, blueberry face mask will do wonders. This cosmetic contains C vitamin and organic acids strengthening the walls of blood vessels. What is more, such a product exfoliates dead epidermis cells and highlights complexion. To take advantage of the mask, smash blueberries and apply these on the face, neck and cleavage. After approximately 15 minutes rinse the face mask with warm water.

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