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How to take care of sensitive skin? Proven cosmetics and care

Irritation, flaky skin, tightness and burning sensation? If you are also struggling with such imperfections and symptoms, then you probably have sensitive skin. How to take care of it? Choose the right cosmetics, and remember to follow certain rules on a daily basis.


What irritates your complexion?

There are a number of factors that worsen the condition of your sensitive skin and cause irritation. The most harmful are:

  • solar radiation, which destroys collagen fibres;
  • inappropriate cosmetics, clogging skin pores and disturbing the correct pH;
  • slight damage to the epidermis, which in the future may turn into dangerous infections;
  • smog, free radicals and heavy metals in the air.

How to take care of sensitive skin?

  1. Sunscreen. Using a cream with UV filter is the best you can do for your skin. A cream with sunscreen will prevent the skin from the formation of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, irritations and damage. What’s more, this product has no effect on reducing the level of vitamin D. If your body has too little of this vitamin, it is enough to start the appropriate supplementation. An equally effective way is to put on a hat and sunglasses.
  2. Fragrance-free cosmetics. Why use products with ingredients that irritate you? Their better counterparts certainly exist, and without the content of sensitizing substances. Both synthetic fragrances and natural fragrances can have a bad effect on the sensitive complexion. So choose products that do not contain ingredients such as: bergamot oil, ylang-ylang oil, damask rose extract and items marked in INCI as fragrance, parfum, linalool, citronellol or geraniol.
  3. Do not use alcohol. Products with alcohol content irritate the skin and make it dry. Although they mattify, smooth out and degrease oily and acne skin, they destroy the natural protective barrier composed of lipids and water. It also increases skin oiliness and leads to the formation of acne and blackheads. However, it should be remembered that there are also such alcohols that have a moisturizing effect and facilitate the transport of ingredients into the skin.
  4. Appropriate care. To take care of sensitive skin, you cannot use brushes and peels. Coarse peels of the epidermis and vigorous removal of impurities can lead to serious damage and irritation. Enzyme peels and salicylic acids are sufficient for sensitive skin care.

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