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Lash Lift And Lamination At Home? Choose Nanolash Lift Kit And Enjoy Your Captivating Gaze!

Long and beautiful eyelashes without leaving home? Many women rely only on a classic eyelash curler and mascara. However, can you always get satisfactory results with these tools? Not always. Eyelash lift turns out to be an alternative solution, allowing you to achieve long-lasting results. With Nanolash Lash Lift Kit you can carry out this treatment by yourself at home!

lash lift kit

Why go for lash lift and lamination?

Eyelashes, quite like hair, need stimulation and proper regeneration for growth. However, it is worth realizing that mascara, an eyelash curler, and even false lash extensions can negatively affect their condition.

When the structure of the lashes is damaged, unfortunately, they will not look good. You will notice that they look much shorter, straight, and often thin. At this point, further use of the various products can bring even worse results.

Eyelash lift and lamination with the Nanolash Lift Kit turns out to be the perfect solution. Lash lift itself is a popular treatment performed by eyelash artists. However, this does not always have to be the case. The kit from the renowned and loved Nanolash brand will allow you to carry it out in the comfort of your home.

Laminating eyelashes at home can not only lengthen and curl them but also deeply nourish and moisturize them.

eye lash lift kit

How to laminate eyelashes at home with the Nanolash Lift Kit?

Performing lash lamination and lift with the kit from Nanolash is extremely easy. At the outset, it is worth noting what the kit actually consists of. It contains:

  • 3 products for a full lash lift – they are clearly labeled indicating the order of their application;
  • Lift Lash Glue – glue for attaching silicone rods;
  • Silicone rods (3 pairs in 3 sizes) and other accessories necessary for the treatment.

The whole process should begin with prepping the eyelashes. It is necessary to clean and dry them properly. Next, separate the lower lashes from the upper lashes with the help of the patches included and attach silicone rods in the selected size. Then just stick to the following instructions:

  • apply Step 1 – Lift,  about 1 millimeter from the lash line and wait 7-10 minutes;
  • remove the product with a dry applicator and apply Step 2 – Fix in the same way and wait another 7-10 minutes, then remove it with a wet applicator;
  • apply Keratin Booster – Step 3 exactly the same way and remove the product after 7-10 minutes.

At the very end, you only need to remove the silicone rods and you can already enjoy the visible effects. Generally, it should last for about 8 weeks. However, you must consider that the durability of the result largely depends on the original condition of the eyelashes.

Is it worth trying lash lift and lamination with the Nanolash kit?

Having already known what a lash lift with the Nanolash kit is and how to perform it, we should consider whether it is worth it. It turns out that the treatment itself carried out in the comfort of your home, has many advantages. Among the biggest of them are:

  • saving time and money;
  • deep nourishment and regeneration of eyelashes;
  • defined curl, longer and thicker lashes.

Anyone who performs the treatment following the instructions will be able to enjoy results visible immediately. Using Nanolash Lift Kit is extremely simple and should not cause any problems.

At-home lash lamination is a way to improve the condition of the lashes in literally a few moments. Certainly, no woman will regret performing this treatment on her eyelashes. Thanks to the lash lift, you will be able to forget about your lash curler or apply extra coats of mascara. Your morning makeup routine will become much more pleasant, and above all, it will no longer take so much time. Discover it for yourself and try Nanolash lash lift kit.