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Nanobrow Lamination Gel. Brow Styling Has Never Been So Easy!

Simple, fast, and stylish – this product delivers spectacular eyebrow makeup in just a few moments. Nanobrow Lamination Gel provides strong hold for the whole day! The gel formula is clump-free and enriched with castor oil that additionally conditions brows. The precision spoolie thoroughly separates brow hairs and gives the arches the perfect shape.

best brow product for thin brows nanobrow


  • 24-hour hold without any imperfections
  • The laminated brow effect with just one product
  • Lightweight formula enriched with nourishing castor oil
  • Precision spoolie that easily shapes your eyebrows
  • Natural shades that suit any eyebrow color

The downside – you’ll never want to do your brows with another gel ever again!

Here’s everything you need to know about Nanobrow Lamination Gel

Nanobrow’s ultra-strong brow gel sets your brows for hours to come. It’s a solution for both daily quick makeup and elegant looks for special occasions. There’s no need for any salon appointments. Nanobrow Lamination Gel makes you become your best eyebrow specialist!

With just a few brush strokes, you can achieve the laminated brow effect on your arches. They become voluminous, full, and thick.

Find the shade that matches your features best. The four natural-looking shades Beige, Brown, Black, and Transparent suit any eyebrow color. And if you don’t want to fill in your eyebrows with color – go for the transparent option for a super natural look.

Nanobrow Lamination Gel

It’s available in shades:


Perfect eyebrows step by step

How to do your brow makeup with Nanobrow Lamination Gel? It’s super easy! You can do it in 3 simple steps:

  1. Brush the gel through your brow hairs, covering the entire eyebrow evenly. That makes them soft and manageable.
  2. The precision spoolie allows you to create the best shape for your arches. Brush your eyebrows at a slight angle (towards the outer corner).
  3. Using an eyebrow pencil, powder or pomade, fill in the gaps and sparse areas.

Done! Your brows will stay in place all day.

Not sure whether Nanobrow Lamination Gel is for you? Check out the reviews!

Nanobrow Lamination Gel is conquering women’s makeup bags. Here are some reviews from Nanobrow’s social media:

“(…) Nanobrow gel always holds my brows in place. Even after a long night out my makeup still looks nice and fresh”


“I bought the gel to test it out and see how it deals with my rather thick brows. It did really well and kept them in check as it should 🙂 I recommend it to owners of thick eyebrows, difficult to style :D”


“I got the gel in the beige shade and it’s the best option for light blonde hair with a cool hue (which is hard to find). After application, I additionally fill in my eyebrows with a brow pencil :)(…)”


“I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I’ve fallen in love with my eyebrows all over again!!!”


Nanobrow is a must-have for both fans of fluffy eyebrows and elegant arches → you can find it at

best brow product for thin brows nanobrow