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Oily Hair Explained: What Causes the Problem?

Greasy hair is linked to excessive activity of sebaceous glands. This hair gripe bothers many people. Still, before getting to remedies, let’s say what possible causes are. There are internal and external causes of oily scalp and hair. At times, the condition is caused by more than just one factor. Once we learn what gives us greasy strands, we can gradually eliminate the problem and enjoy fresh hair for longer.

Internal causes of oily hair and scalp

Hormone imbalance

You can’t downplay hormonal problems like thyroid disorders. You need to consult your physician and get necessary tests done (mostly TSH). You can go to the dermatologist or a scalp and hair expert, known as a trichologist. The suitable treatment should do away with the oiliness.

Scalp eczema

This condition also requires a dermatologist or trichologist’s consultation. Before your appointment, you can try to soothe the scalp on your own. The products you use are crucial. You need to get rid of harsh detergents and go for mild shampoos. You will find the right products by trial and error.

Susceptibility to oily hair (genes)

Genetic predisposition is the last external factor causing oily hair. Doctor’s consultation won’t help with it. You just need to keep searching for the suitable products that work for you.

External causes of oily hair and scalp

Not exfoliating the scalp on a regular basis

With a good scrub your scalp keeps clean because it removes the dirt, product buildup (incl. shampoo) and oil excess. You can get a readymade product or make a natural scrub at home using coffee grounds or sugar.

Air pollution, smog

The quality of air has an impact on the cleanliness of hair. Car fumes settle on the hair and also get into the scalp. The pollution is the worst in autumn and winter.

Unsuitable hair and scalp care products and shampoos

Once you replace your daily products and turn to conscious care, the problem with greasy hair will be gone. There are a few crucial things to remember while shampooing. The right shampoo is the most important! If your scalp is irritated, you must give up on harsh shampoos filled with detergents, silicones or alcohols. Use lukewarm water for rinsing the hair, never warm or hot. Don’t wrap hair in a towel after shampooing because this makes the scalp produce too much oil.

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