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Skin icing – The simple method for widen pores

Those have a small size, dark color, and aren’t appreciated when appearing – blackheads, widen pores. How to get rid of them? You can use a special cream and camouflage imperfections with concealer, or you can use skin icing. What does this method all about and why is it so popular among celebrities?

Apparently, the greatest fan of skin icing is Kate Moss. For years the model emphasized how much the at-home treatments help her take care of the skin in a natural way and most of all effective way. You just need to take a look at her pictures to know that for the skin as such, skin icing is worth testing as soon as possible.

Only recently skin icing gained popularity in social media. The videos showing how it is done spread like a virus all over the TikTok and similar platforms. It is time to discover the secret to this method!

Widen pores

Blackheads or simply widen pores and are problems for many women. The cause behind it is increased sebum secretion that is why it is a common problem for people with oily skin or prone to shine. It’s the excess sebum and pollution that make sebum, toxins, and others to gather in widen pores, oxidate, and become black. That is how blackheads are created.

How to get rid of blackheads?

The simplest way to get rid of blackheads is proper care and cleanse – instead of fighting blackheads that are already on your face, prevent them, and do not allow them to appear.

  •  The base for multi step skin cleanse is the use of gels and exfoliators that remove all imperfections.
  • Helpful maybe the use of toner because a well-chosen product restores skin with proper pH and tightens pores preventing them from blocking.
  • You should decide to use skin oil treatment and OCM (oil cleansing method) because some oils are able to tighten pores, condition, and cleanse.
  • The best for oily skin is a face mask with active charcoal because it is an ingredient with strong antioxidant and antibacterial action.

Trend alert: skin icing

If the blackhead problem becomes tiresome to you, you should try a method for widening pores that are loved by celebrities. We are talking about skin icing – the method that costs you just a bit of your time but provides exquisite effects. What is skin icing? This simple treatment effectively tightens the pores with the use of low temperature. Closed pores mean no blackheads that can ruin the skin.

The action of skin icing. What does it do?

  • Tightens widened pores and evens out the skin.
  • Smooths out the skin and makes it supple.
  • Helps brighten the hyperpigmentations.
  • Removes fatigue signs, e.g. dark circles under the eyes.
  • Improves the absorption of cosmetics.
  • Provides young and free appearance.

How to perform skin icing?

Skin icing is about immerging the face in ice-cold water. Sounds discouraging but it is worth trying. You should cleanse the face as per usual then immerse it in the bowl with cold water a few times (best with ice cubes). Only this and as much as this.

Another method for skin icing is a few minutes’ face massage with ice cubes. It’s simpler in execution and doesn’t require you to prepare a bowl with water. Just take an ice cube and massage the skin with it to stimulate blood circulation.

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