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Valentine’s Day – How to wow him on the date? Smart beauty tricks

Valentine’s day is a time when all the coffee shops are packed. Dates and romantic dinners, club outings, a walk in the park and some other more unusual ideas for the evening that can heat up things between the two people, make someone fall in love or charm them. Are you planning on going on a romantic date this year? Do you want to bedazzle your partner with your flawless and soft skin, fresh look and perfect make-up? Allow us to tell you what to do on the day of your date as well as the day before to charm with your appearance and take 100% out of this lovely meeting.

Smart beauty tricks for the special occasion and before the date

1. Dark circles under eyes? Be cool about it!

There’s nothing better for swollen eyelids than cold. If the night before a big date you couldn’t contain your emotions that didn’t allow you to sleep, no one has to know about it! Just place cucumber pieces on the skin, but remember to refrigerate them for a minute beforehand. After 5 minutes take green slices off and the problem’s gone!

2. Dull skin? Try the power of vitamin C

Vitamin C is the genius vitamin – it not only is good for health, but also for youthfulness and vitality and most of all brilliantly highlights and lightens the skin. Attention! It eliminates imperfections, hyperpigmentations, and minor pimples! Obviously, for the spectacular effects, longer treatment is required but before the date, you can try a sheet mask with vitamin C. It can perfectly improve skin appearance making it radiant, supple and younger.

3. Natural oil – Treatment for body, face, hair, and nails

Do you own natural oil? Argan, jojoba, raspberry seeds, sweet almond, or avocado – each one is amazing for body, face or hair care. The evening before a big date, apply oil to the hair, scalp, and face (under eyes as well). The next day, rinse it down thoroughly. You won’t recognize your own skin and hair will become soft, smooth and glossy. One may want to just run the fingers through it 😉

4. White teeth – Baking soda at your command!

We all know that yellow teeth are not charming. If you feel like you drunk too many cups of coffee at work lately, we have a smart way to whiten them! You just need to mix toothpaste with some amount of baking soda and wash your teeth with it. Don’t do it too often cause it can damage the enamel, but once in a while before a big date you can go ahead and try this whitening treatment. It works!

5. Flawless skin? Go for a gentle enzymatic exfoliator!

Enzymatic is the keyword here. It is a highly effective yet super gentle exfoliator that does not require to rub the skin and it does not cause skin irritations while perfectly smoothing it out and beautifying it. Choose an exfoliator with high-quality and natural ingredients and do the treatment. Follow it with a nourishing face mask which thanks to skin being cleansed can now absorb perfectly.

6. Every woman’s friend – The highlighter

If you want your skin to look young, smooth and beautiful, there is no better cosmetic for it than a highlighter. You apply it to the face and the magic happens: tiredness disappears, the face looks optically younger, smoother, more supple and healthier. Remember to use it with moderation because overkill is not a good idea no matter the area. A secret charming trick just for the date is to apply a bit of highlighter to the cupid’s bow, which is just above the upper lip in the middle section. It looks flirtatious and draws attention to the lips.

7. Oil with sparkle – Beautiful, iridescent skin

It’s a trick commonly used by actresses and models for immediate skin appearance improvement. Oil with gold sparkle can highlight skin and make it appear as smooth and supple. It highlights curves, beautifully emphasizes the cleavage and shoulders. You can acquire ready product for the body or just mix some highlighter, a pinch of bronzer and any oil then rub the concoction in the skin.

8. Lip tint – Red lips all date long!

Do you know what lip or cheek tint is? It’s a colorant that blends perfectly with the skin and lips providing beautiful red color for long hours. Celebrities know it for years and the most popular one is by Benefit – it is the favorite tint of Nicole Kidman. The drugstores are full of lip tints at affordable prices, you just need to get one and apply it before the date. Thanks to it, your lips will look flawless even during dinner or kisses.

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