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Which Brow Pomade To Choose? The Best Eyebrow Pomade BEAUTY RANKING

Looking for a product that can transform your brow look? Eyebrow pomade can help you emphasize the shape of your brows, providing a natural look and enhancing their real beauty. It’s a great alternative to a brow pencil or powder, and the perfect solution for owners of thin, sparse, and short eyebrows. Check out which products are worth reaching for! See the ranking of the best eyebrow pomades users recommend and enjoy your phenomenal brow look every day.

eyebrow pomade ranking

Eyebrow pomade – is it worth the hype?

A good brow pomade can emphasize the shape of your eyebrows without the need for any touch-ups. Thanks to its formula, a brow pomade can ensure your eyebrow look can last for hours, which is especially important when you don’t want to worry about your appearance all day. A well-chosen brow pomade is the perfect way to enhance your beauty and boost your confidence. Finding the right product doesn’t have to be difficult at all if you use our ranking of the best brow pomades!

How to choose a good brow pomade?

Wondering which brow pomade to choose? Choosing the right product depends primarily on your taste and preferences. We recommend paying attention to the consistency, shade, and durability of the product. If you want your eyebrows to look natural, choose a brow pomade with a creamy consistency and a soft shade that matches your brows. If you prefer a more defined look, choose a product with an intense shade and a matte finish. Our ranking of the best eyebrow pomades focused only on those products with positive online reviews.


Which brow pomades are most popular among consumers around the world?

1. Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade

best eyebrow pomade

Pros: precisely emphasizes the shape of the eyebrows, provides a natural finish, applies well, does not dry out, is efficient, has a creamy texture, camouflages gaps and sparse areas, ensures you can draw hair-like strokes with it, is waterproof and long-wear

Cons: no brush included

The waterproof Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade can help you style your eyebrows exactly the way you like in a flash. It comes in beautifully refined shades that suit any woman. In addition, they blend well with each other, so you can create your individual dream shade. You can build up the coverage depending on the occasion and your mood. Fancy a subtle or bolder brow makeup today? This long-wear eyebrow-styling pomade has a velvety texture and gives a stunning satin finish. It creates thick eyebrows with a natural shape that impress everyone! This uniquely malleable brow makeup pomade enhances your beauty in just a few easy steps.

2. Anastasia BH Dipbrow Pomade

Pros: it’s long-lasting, efficient, provides a nice effect for the whole day, it’s waterproof, available in many shades, and fills in the eyebrows precisely 

Cons: price, application time, no brush included, not suitable for owners oily skin

A long-wear brow-styling pomade that gives the desired effect for the whole day. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for everyone – if your skin is oily, the product may smudge. This is a highly pigmented product that allows you to create both natural and expressive brow looks. It camouflages gaps and sparse areas, and you won’t have to worry about your appearance for hours. The waterproof formula does not dry quickly, which can be a downside for experienced users who want to style their eyebrows quickly. This recommended eyebrow pomade gives a natural matte finish.

3. Refy Brow Pomade

Pros: precisely fills in the eyebrows, comes with a convenient brush, fills in the gaps, adds depth and definition to the eyebrows, and shades can be freely combined with each other.

Cons: price, efficiency

An iconic eyebrow-styling pomade that can fill in even the sparsest arches. It comes with a convenient tip in the shape of a diagonal brush, making its application precise. This long-wear eyebrow pomade keeps the brows in place all day, so you don’t have to worry about your makeup smudging or wearing off. It’s available in three neutral shades that you can mix and match as you like. The creamy texture ensures it applies easily and provides a matte finish. Unfortunately, its price is unattractive considering its quality and efficiency, which discourages from buying it.

4. WBco The Brow Pomade

Pros: fills in and defines eyebrows, doesn’t smudge during the day, allows you to precisely cover up any imperfections, comes in a variety of shades, works well in the rain or during sports.

Cons: price, requires some practice in application, dries quickly

This brow pomade is often chosen by female consumers. However, they complain about its huge price and the fact that it dries too quickly. Unfortunately, it is not a high-performance brow-styling pomade – it requires special care to maintain its durability and quality, which can be an additional burden. However, you can’t deny its performance. This waterproof eyebrow makeup pomade works well in all weather conditions or during an intense workout. It is difficult to get the desired effect, especially for those lacking skills in applying brow pomade. You can find it in many shades, so you can easily match the right one for yourself.

5. Sigma Beauty Define + Pose Brow Pomade

Pros: it’s precise and long-wear, works well for big events, provides an intense finish, defines even the most challenging brows with no need for touch-ups for hours

Cons: no brush included, doesn’t work well for everyday wear, hard to wash off

A long-wear eyebrow pomade that provides a matte finish. It emphasizes and visibly thickens the eyebrows. It works especially well for special occasions, where the makeup should be bolder. For everyday wear though, many users will not like such an intense effect. This waterproof eyebrow-styling pomade will not wear off or smudge during an important event or whenever you need durability and precision. This creamy brow-styling pomade creates the desired shape of your eyebrows whenever you need it most. It’s a very long-lasting product that may be hard to wash off.

How to apply eyebrow pomade?

Applying brow pomade is not the easiest task if you are not skilled. However, you only need to use it a few times to become a pro in this field. check out how to define your eyebrows with brow pomade step by step:

  1. Make sure your eyebrows are clean and dry. Additionally, you can brush through them with a spoolie.
  2. Choose the right shade of your brow pomade to create a natural effect.
  3. Apply the eyebrow pomade with a convenient, preferably slanted brush. Start from the inner brow edge, and then gently work your way toward the tail. Apply less color at first, and finish more intensely, creating an ombre effect.
  4. Brush your eyebrows to get rid of any excess pomade. If you need it, top up the product to create a more defined effect.
  5. For special occasions, you can additionally fix your eyebrows with a brow gel.

If you want bold yet subtle brow makeup, a good eyebrow pomade can definitely do the trick. Use our ranking of the best brow pomades which rounded up the most popular and highest rated products.