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Why should you try make-up for acne prone skin?

Make-up for acne-prone skin can cause a lot of trouble. As a result, some people quit it altogether. However, it is worth keeping in mind that make-up is not the cause of acne. What is more, if well-chosen cosmetics can even speed up acne healing. Here are a few tips that you should try to enjoy beautiful and healthy skin.

The proper skincare of acne-prone skin

It’s no secret that acne-prone skin requires particular care. The key element to focus on is skin cleansing. It is a necessary treatment that should be done daily no matter if you intend on wearing foundation and powder or not. Thanks to everyday cleansing you will remove excess sebum that acne-prone skin is known for and that is the cause for pimples. For the face wash remember to choose the right gel or foam that does not contain alcohol.

Moreover, once a week it is recommended to do gentle enzymatic exfoliator that can get rid of dead skin cells. You shouldn’t forget about moisturizing to avoid excess skin dryness. Otherwise, the skin can deal with not only acne but also irritation or dry skin patches. The products that effectively support skin hydration can be enumerated oil-free moisturizing cream.

How to choose a make-up base for acne-prone skin?

To identify the acne you deal with is a key matter because it can significantly make the choice of cosmetics easier. Currently, there are a few acne types and among many:

  • rosacea,
  • hormonal acne,
  • blackheads.

Most of them can extend across the face so it is best to use covering foundation.

Make-up for acne-prone skin – the best foundation

One of such products that can camouflage blackheads and hyperpigmentations is Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions. The women who use it have a high opinion of it because it holds a lot of beneficial properties including:

  • coverage,
  • no smudges,
  • nourishes,
  • prevents imperfections,
  • neutralizes redness.

Another foundation that works really well is Annabelle Minerals. Its simple and natural composition makes skin fresh and doesn’t weigh it down. It is made of only four components: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, and iron oxide. This foundation has a beneficial impact on the acne-prone skin because it’s antibacterial, and limits sebum secretion. Titanium dioxide effectively conceals imperfections and zinc oxide speeds up the healing of acne changes. Such a mix will surely contribute to perfecting skin appearance.

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