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Wild rose in skincare products – properties and effects

Wild rose is the most versatile of roses. Not only is it beautiful and has a captivating smell, but it also works as an ingredient of many cosmetics and medicinal preparations. What does wild rose contain, what are its properties and how is it used in cosmetics? How does it affect the skin tone, discolourations, dry skin and acne?


Wild rose – important ingredient in the skincare products

There are many species of wild rose. Although they all differ from each other in the colour of the flowers and fruits, each is a desirable ingredient in the skincare cosmetics. Researchers claim that  there are more than 130 substances in the plant that have a beneficial effect on the human body. The flowers contain valuable essential oils, flavonoids and anthocyanins, whereas the fruits – vitamins (A, B1 and B2, C, E and K) as well as flavonoids, tannins, sterols, pectins, carotenoids, organic acids and folic acid. In herbal therapy, rose leaves are used because they contain natural vitamin C, which is almost 5 times more active than synthetic vitamin. What is more, wild rose has many active substances with high concentration and for this reason it is that much commonly used.

Wild rose – properties and application

  • Wild rose to even the skin tone and discolourations
    The flowers contain a high concentration of vitamin C, which in combination with carotene gives vitamin A. This vitamin has a strong skin brightening effect, hence products with wild rose brighten dark spots and freckles.
  • Wild rose for dry skin
    The power of vitamins, pectins, amino acids and organic fruit acids successfully delay the skin aging processes. They also stimulate the biosynthesis of ceramides, increase their content in the skin and improve the sin hydration. Vitamins and organic acids prevent thickening of the stratum corneum, and thus make the skin remain elastic and smooth.
  • Wild rose for acne
    Hydroxy acids, found in the fruits of wild roses, have exfoliating properties. For this reason they are included in the list of ingredients of cosmetics for acne and oily skin – they improve its condition and prevent thickening of the stratum corneum and the formation of blackheads.

Wild rose – other properties and application

  • Wild rose for good mood
    Rose hip oil (also ‘rose oil’) reduces tiredness and improves mood. It is one of the basic ingredients used in the fragrance industry, because its sweet aroma has antidepressant and calming properties. Once applied directly to the sensitive and dry skin, it smooths various types of irritations and can be used as an antiseptic.
  • Wild rose for blood system
    Because of the fact that wild rose is rich in flavonoids, it has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, namely it has anti-inflammatory effect, dilate blood vessels and lower cholesterol. Also, vitamin C affects the production of collagen, improves the flexibility and mechanical resistance of the walls of blood vessels.

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