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World-Famous Makeup Tricks that Add Charm & Take Years Off

The devil is in the detail. A subtle change, an eyeliner or a bit of shimmery eyeshadow is sometimes enough to add some glamor, instantly upgrade the good looks, give your eyes a spark and enhance the lips so they’re full and sexy. Have you come across the best makeup tricks used by world-famous makeup artists? Check how to make over your image in literally 5 minutes.

Makeup tricks that world makeup artists use and swear by

1. Lift your eyebrows with a bit of shimmery eyeshadow

To make it work, you must choose the right eyeshadow – it’s the key to success. The trick is you must get a shimmery eyeshadow which goes with the skin tone as much as possible so pearl shades don’t seem to make a good choice. Champagne hues work better.

Use a thin brush (or a cotton bud) to apply a bit of the shade right below the brow line. Gently rub the eyeshadow so it blends with the skin and doesn’t move downwards.

Now, apply a bit of the same eyeshadow to your finger and move (press) it to the middle part of the eyelid, right above the lash line.

2. Enhance your lips and make them fuller-looking

This trick is going to turn around even the saddest-looking lips. Drooping corners of the mouth look like a horseshoe and don’t make you look attractive. Luckily, you can fix that in an easy and quick way using a lip liner. A nude shade works best – the one that goes ideally with the color of the lips. Most women avoid it but they shouldn’t because a lip liner turns out to be the biggest makeup ally.

If you’re worried that you can’t choose the right color of the lipstick or lip liner – you can get them in a set. Lots of companies offer such duos. A lip liner excellently extends the durability of your makeup.

Firstly, take the lip liner and outline the lips, enhancing their contour. If you want to make them look bigger, cross the line (just a little bit!).

If your hand shakes and you’re not skilled in lip-contouring, firstly draw a few dots and then connect them. Leave the corners as they are to avoid emphasizing the droopy corners. Before covering the lips with the lipstick, you can apply a lip liner as a primer to make the color last longer.

3. A line faking a lash

You don’t have to be an eyeliner virtuoso. You don’t need to create a full winged liner either. An easier version doesn’t require any skill or time. All you need is a sharp black eye pencil. How to draw the quickest and simplest eyeliner? Make it gently upwards and try to make the line as long as your last lash in the outer corner of the eye. Also, make sure the tip of the wing is thinner. If you need some corrections, use a cotton bud.

4. Thick eyebrows take years off

If you want to make your face look younger, apply eyebrow makeup. Thick bold brows take years off and enhance your whole face, making up an amazing frame. You can get the best and longest-lasting effect by using a pro pomade or tint. Create the contour, fill in the brows and gently rub the start of the brows using a comb to avoid exaggerated contours.

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