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Argan oil in questions and answers

Argan oil has been dominating the cosmetic market for quite a while now, but there is still much to learn about it. Below, I have gathered the most important questions (and answers) regarding this precious substance. 

1. What does Argan oil contain?

Argan oil is 100% natural. It consists of approximately 100 active substances that take care of health and beauty. The most important ones include: omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamin E, carotenoids, Butyrospermum (takes care of the skin while and after sunbathing).

2. How does Argan oil work on hair?

Argan oil protects and beautifies the hair, strengthens bulbs, cleanses the scalp, boosts hair growth, increases shine and elasticity. Argan oil works both from the outside and from within and it provides thorough regeneration.

3. Does Argan oil irritate the skin?

Argan oil is a substance free of comedogenic ingredients, free of parabens and petroleum derivatives. Pure and natural oil has a beneficial effect on the skin: soothes irritations, helps to fight dandruff and acne.

4. What type of hair is Argan oil recommended for?

A good proportion of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids make Argan oil suitable for medium porous hair: delicate, frizzy, that starts to deteriorate (especially the ends), as well as for damages, dry and brittle hair od high porosity.

5. Where to buy a good Argan oil?

Argan oil can be found nearly everywhere. The best one (100 % pure and unrefined) is rather pricey. It is good to combine Argan oil with other natural unrefined oils. It is worth checking out what are the best products with Argan oil.

6. How to use Argan oil for hair?

Argan oil is often used for hair oiling – it is to be applied to dry or damp strands and the scalp. It can be left in throughout the night or you might as well wash it off after a couple of hours. On a daily basis, Argan oil can be applied to the hair without rinsing, as a leave-in serum (only small amounts).

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