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Beauty Care Hacks. How to Maximise Lash Volume?

Long and full lashes are the best for defining the eyes and making them look bigger. If Mother Nature hasn’t gifted you with long eyelashes and you can’t imagine going out with a mascara on, the following tips are going to come in useful.

How to increase lash volume? With the eyelash care. It sounds obvious but it turns out that over 80% of women don’t know what lashes need for the right growth. Lack of care is the most common cause of thinning and falling out lashes. We often weaken the condition of the eyelashes, not even knowing about it e.g. with eyelash extensions, wrong makeup removal, products that are filled with chemicals.

Here are seven most popular ways of boosting eyelash volume. The most popular and effective ones come first.

  1. Lash growth serum – number one among lash care products. The power of concentrated ingredients and a precise application technique are two things that make a professional lash serum the only way to add strength, length, volume and a darker shade. If you apply the product systematically and follow instructions for use, it works as a growth booster. Thanks to extra, valuable substances, it makes the lashes beautiful and defined.
  2. Lash care with castor oil – it comes next. The oil is often recommended for eyelash care. It’s widely-available, cheap and strengthens effectively. The oil may darken the lashes, bring faster growth and shine but it’s hard to apply.
  3. Lash-conditioning mascara – nutrients or even lash-growth ingredients are more and more common in mascaras. It’s a good way for conditioning fragile lashes daily while wearing makeup.
  4. Cosmetic vaseline – some girls like to go for vaseline which has really interesting properties. Most of all, it locks water in, delivering the right hydration and full protection.
  5. Eyelid massage – a massage is hands down a great way of stimulating body processes. Gently massaging skin of eyelids with fingertips increases blood flow and gives bulbs a signal to start working.
  6. Liquid vitamin E – strong antioxidants, like vitamin E, are essential for the lashes. You can buy the vitamin at every drugstore. It nourishes, regenerates, rejuvenates and adds vitality.
  7. Hair growth supplements – the last idea for increasing lash volume. They’re rich in precious minerals, vitamins and plant extracts e.g. nettle, horsetail. They have an extra power of supporting the lash growth from within.

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