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Do you want to have flawless makeup? Avoid THESE makeup fails

Makeup fails can happen to everyone. Even world-famous celebrities will not escape from them. However, it is ok if it ‘happens’ accidentally from time to time, not committing it unconsciously and constantly. If you want to know what to avoid when applying makeup – check out our anti-beauty guide. Who knows – maybe thanks to it, you will start applying makeup like a pro?

beauty.jpg7 makeup sins – watch out, maybe you are committing some of them!

1. Lack of a proper moisturizing cream 

This is a very common “sin”: many women wash their face with gel or foam and don’t use any cream. This is a simple way to dry out the skin, or “produce” excessive seborrhea. The lack of moisturizing on the face covered with makeup also reduces its defensive function and contributes to losing elasticity and (unfortunately) it makes it age faster. In addition, a foundation applied directly to the skin loses “adhesion”, and the whole makeup is less durable.

2. Inappropriate color of the foundation

Even the best foundation can spoil the whole effect if it is not properly matched to the skin color. Ladies often use the same color of the foundation throughout the year, forgetting that the skin becomes tanned in the summer and has a different shade, while in winter it gets paler. Therefore, in order not to get the mask effect on the face and to make its shade perfectly match the neck – always have a “summer” and “winter” version of the foundation. If you have a problem with choosing the right one – ask a makeup artist or a qualified salesperson for help.

A good solution is also the purchase of BB or CC cream – it perfectly adapts to the skin color and, in addition, has skincare properties and evens out skin tone.

3. Too much concealer 

Concealer is an amazing product – it masks dark circles under the eyes, redness, imperfections, pimples and spider veins. Unfortunately, often in anger and the fight against imperfections, we tend to exaggerate its quantity and put on too much – most often it can be seen on the delicate skin under the eyes. A large dose of concealer overloads the skin of the eyelids and instead of taking care of it – causes wrinkles and reduces its flexibility. Remember that the concealer should mask the imperfections and blend well with both the skin and the foundation. If there is too much of it – instead of covering up what we want to hide – it only attracts even more attention to the imperfections of the skin.

4. Too strong face contouring 

Exaggeration is sometimes in our nature. In the pursuit of a perfect look, we apply not only too much concealer but we also often contour the face too much. It happens that we do not precisely blend out the lines between lighter and darker tones of contouring cosmetics. This makes the face acquire too sharp and clear features that make us look older and give weight to the whole face. Contouring the face is best done gently, imposing small amounts of cosmetic, and gradually (in moderation) intensifying this effect.

5. Dirty brushes, sponges and beauty blender

Yes, it’s true that makeup brushes do not need to be washed every single day, but remember that in addition to bacteria and germs that have an adverse effect on the appearance of the skin, there are also remains of cosmetics that certainly do not contribute to a nice and perfect makeup. If you applied a purple eyeshadow the day before, and today you apply a light, vanilla shade – you can expect the remains of yesterday’s violet to end up on your eyelid.

Foundation brushes should also be washed frequently, because the remains of the greasy foundation can be applied to the face and create unpleasant stains and smudges. Therefore, in addition to hygienic reasons – washing brushes has an additional, functional aspect.

6. The use of a lipliner in an inappropriate shade 

The lipliner is quite a specific cosmetic. Yes, it keeps the lipstick where it supposed to be, but it becomes a good solution only for a short period of time. After a few hours, we often “eat” the lipstick, while the lip liner, which is often a bit longer lasting – draws attention by creating a little eye-catching, distinct and unnatural line around the lips.

To avoid this effect, contour the lips with the chosen lip liner, then gently fill your whole lips with it, only then you can go ahead and apply a lipstick in the selected color matched to the lip liner.

7. Badly applied blush to the cheeks

If you apply too much highlighter, it will simply create a strong illumination, which will give the effect of strobing, however, inadequately or too strongly applied blush will give you quite a grotesque effect. Your face will start to look artificial, a bit heavy and tired, and meanwhile the action of blush to the cheeks is different: the face is supposed to look younger, fresh and rested. If you do not know where to apply it – spread your index finger and thumb, mark the lines from the tip of the ear to the tip of the nose and just apply the blush gently along it. The subtle line should start from the ear all the way to the cheek.

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