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Hair keratin. What properties it displays and how to apply it?

Hair conditioning constitutes a really important part of taking care of the appearance. Many women go for hair products containing keratin which is a natural substance present in the human organism. What are its properties and how to apply it?

What’s keratin?

Keratin is the most crucial constituent of hair and fingernails. This produced in hair follicles protein influences the condition of the just-mentioned body parts. Its shortage causes hair brittleness and split nails. Keratin is an ingredient of numerous cosmetics which can be bought in the form of sprays, mists and hair masks. This protein provides hair and nails with higher resistance to damages, leaves them shiny and smooth.

Beautifying properties of keratin

Hair care products contain keratin hydrolyzate which easily penetrates hair structures and fills up the gaps. As a result, hair wins more volume, the bulbs get stronger and the hair shafts become well-moisturized. Keratin hydrolyzate has an immense influence on bounciness, elasticity and softness of strands. Moreover, it affects hair structure therefore it’s used in both treatments: permanent wave and permanent straightening.

Cosmetics containing keratin – Benefits

Products with keratin have many benefits. Some of them are:

  • reinforcing hair and preventing its breakage;
  • stronger hair structure and smoothing out hair cuticles;
  • regeneration;
  • heat and mechanical damage protection;
  • shielding hair against the negative influence of preservatives;
  • sun protection.

How cosmetics with keratin work?

Most of the hair care products containing keratin can be used daily. Systematic application of such products locks moisture inside the strands, protects against negative influence of aggressive external factors and this water-depriving use of a flat iron and a hair dryer.

If you decide to use liquid keratin, it’d be better if you just add it to a shampoo or other product which will boost keratin’s performance. Such cosmetic is mainly recommended to women whose hair requires strong regeneration. To make the most of the liquid keratin treatment, it’s suggested to wash hair with a strongly cleansing shampoo and delicately remove of the excess of water. Then keratin can be applied to damp hair which has to be dried with a blow dryer. Warmth significantly improves keratin penetration to reach inner hair structures on one hand, and on the other keratin shields hair against high temperature.

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