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Homemade methods for lovely complexion. Yeast and turmeric masks

Homemade methods for lovely complexion.What is the point in spending your money on exclusive cosmetics or beauty treatments? Certainly, you can take care of your personal beauty at home, totally on your own. And the ingredients which can be used to prepare the homemade cosmetics are easily found in every pantry, cupboard and fridge.

To start with, yeast mask is here for you to help you with the fight against acne. It has got bactericidal, softening and smoothing properties. What is more, it relieves the irritations and inflammations. To yeast mask’s beneficial outcomes can be also included the drying out of skin lesions and cleansing skin from contaminants. And this healing processes are performed without causing any irritations. It is worth adding that, yeast also contains plenty of vitamins and microelements. B vitamins, proteins, calcium, iron and carbohydrates can be easily found in yeast.

How to prepare yeast mask? Take 25 grams of fresh yeast and mix it with warm milk. Optionally, you can add a dash or two of olive oil or lemon juice. The mixture is to be applied on face skin, cleavage and back. And how to prepare mask out of brewer’s yeast? It is suffice just to mix four spoons of brewer’s yeast with two spoons of honey and water. Stir till the thick blend is achieved. All you have to do now, is put the mixture on your face, leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it with warm water afterwards.

Secondly, turmeric mask has also got anti-acne properties. What is more, turmeric has got cleanse, anti-inflammation, antifungal and anti-oxidising features. Furthermore, this seasoning enhances the speed of wound healing. It is our allay against various types of acne, skin colouring and acne scars as well. Do not forget that turmeric relieves sunburns and irritations.

How to prepare turmeric mask? Combine turmeric, thick yogurt and honey with the 1:1:1 proportion. You can also add some skin care oil of your choice. Next, smudge the mixture on face skin with either a brush or a finger. Approximately, after 20 minutes wash the face from the mask. If it happens that turmeric coloured the face, wash it one more time. Nevertheless, one can be taken for granted – no acid scars are left!

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