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Homemade remedies for blemishes and blackheads

Although blemishes are usually the problem of teenagers, this unpleasant condition often affects adults as well. Pimples tend to appear on the face, neckline or the back regardless of the type of skin. To cure them, you need a few or a dozen (or even more) days. ALways remember that not to pop them on your own, because it can result in the emergence of subsequent breakouts. Instead, you should use home-made pastes, ointments, and toners that speed up the healing of pimples and prevent scarring and discoloration. In turn, blackheads are a mixture of sebum with horny skin that blocks the opening of the pores of the skin. Blackheads easily undergo superinfections caused by bacteria, which leads to pimples. Get to know recipes for homemade remedies for blemishes and blackheads.

beauty.jpgHomemade methods to get rid of pimples

Paste with honey and cinnamon 

To prepare it, you will have to combine honey and cinnamon. Once you gain a thick paste, apply the mask like a spot treatment – just to the pimples and leave it overnight. Cinnamon and honey are famous for their antibacterial effect, which will stop the development of a pimple. When you wake up, the skin will absorb the mask completely, and the pimple will decrease significantly. Repeat this treatment for several nights until it disappears completely.

Garlic stamp

Garlic contains zinc and sulfur with antibacterial and cleansing properties. Peel the garlic clove and place it on the inflamed area for a quarter of an hour, then wash your face thoroughly. Repeat this action several times and you will quickly get rid of blemishes.

Tomato paste

Tomatoes contain lycopene (which combats acne) and acids with a strong drying effect. To prepare a tomato paste, mash the vegetable with a fork, then apply the resulting paste to the problematic areas and rinse with water after 15 minutes.

Turmeric and coconut oil mask 

Turmeric has a strong antibacterial and brightening effect. For this reason, mix it with coconut oil and apply it to the affected area. Such a mask will inhibit the development of the pimple.

Citrus juice

The acid contained in citrus effectively heals fresh pimples. Simply squeeze some juice out of any citrus and using a cotton swab, apply it to the blemish. Do not cover the whole face with it because it might have a too strong drying effect.


Use a white toothpaste instead of a colored gel. Such a product contains substances with the pimple-drying properties.

Baking soda

Mix a pinch of baking soda with a few milliliters of water to obtain a thick consistency, then apply it to the pimple for 30 minutes. During this time, the soda will cleanse and dry the area of pimple formation, and thus accelerate its healing. Soda has a very strong effect, so it should not be used more than once.

Homemade remedies for blackheads

Pine oil 

It is an inexpensive product that can be bought at a pharmacy. It should be mixed with petroleum or kerosene in the proportion of 10 ml of oil and 40 ml of kerosene. Then, apply it to a cotton pad and gently but firmly wipe your face with it. Some women may react badly to the odor of this irritant substance, so during the evening face care routine, it is worth washing it with warm water and applying a gentle moisturizing cream. You can also use the oil to prepare an at-home steam sauna for the face; To do this, just pour 10-15 ml of oil into a bowl of hot water and keep your head covered with a towel above the vapors for about 10 minutes.

Aspirin toner

It exfoliates the skin and cleanses pores, and as a result, removes blackheads. To prepare it, just dissolve about 15 tablets of aspirin in 100 ml of water. For optimal consistency and additional antibacterial effect, you can add a bit of glycerin or pine oil. Keep the toner in the refrigerator for 2 weeks and wipe the face every day.

Milk and rice scrub

To prepare it, it is enough to pour milk over rice, leave it for a few hours and blend. Use the resulting homogeneous pulp to cleanse the face, making gentle movements. Then, rinse the skin with warm water. Exfoliate in the evening.

Accessories and devices that help fight blackheads

Facial cleansing brushes

Facial cleansing brushes give you a thorough face exfoliation and a massage at once. They should not be pressed too hard, and in the case of extremely sensitive skin, it is better to use very gentle bristles or give them up completely. In addition, such a face brush requires thorough and regular washing, otherwise, it will become a habitat for bacteria.

Pore cleansing device

It is worth trying electric devices that suck the contents of the pores. To use them, moisten the skin with a water mist produced by the cleaner, and then move it around the skin. Next, wash your face and apply a moisturizing cream. These types of devices are not the best solution for capillary and very sensitive skin, because they can cause bruising.

How to support the battle with blackheads?

To help combat blackheads, avoid soap as well as drying and skin-irritating ingredients in cosmetics such as menthol and alcohol. All these substances can cause the skin to flake off and, consequently, lead to the clogging of pores with dead epidermal cells. In addition, do not use thick creams, unless you really need them. What’s more, regularly exfoliate the skin with a cream or salicylic acid-containing liquid (BHA) that will help you get rid of dead cells. In addition, this ingredient penetrates the pores and, as a result, improves their shape and allows sebum to escape above the skin surface.

Furthermore, a good idea is to visit a dermatologist.  A prescribed retinoid cream normalizes cell production and improves the functioning of pores. Nothing prevents you from trying beautifying and conditioning treatments at the beauty salon. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser exfoliation are the most recommended ones.

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