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How to highlight shadows under eyes? Sheer Eye Zone Corrector from Shiseido

Puffiness and dark shadows under eyes are the worst thing that may happen to every woman right after either waking up or after a long and exhausting day at work. What should be done in that case? For sure, there is no need in panicking. Hiding and covering skin imperfections with Sheer Eye Zone Corrector from Shiseido may turn out to be much better solution.

Puffiness and dark shadows under eyes – causes of formation

The most probable causes of, so called, under-eyes bags and dark circles are tiredness and the low quality of your sleep. If we wake up having not enough sleep during night, surely, our eyes and area around them reveal our sleepy condition. What is more, puffiness and dark shadows can be as well the consequence of skin aging processes. As the years go by, face skin becomes thinner, capillaries turn into being more visible and collagen fibers are gradually deprived of the elasticity and, in effect, become deteriorated. Yet another reasons of puffiness and dark shadows under eyes formation can be overexposure to the sun rays, stress, working in front of a computer or in the artificial light, alcohol consumption and cigarettes smoking. Furthermore, taking some medicament, shortage of vitamins and mineral salts as well as allergies can also be the circumstances due to which under-eye bags and swellings are created on our face.

Sheer Eye Zone Corrector from Shiseido – properties and directions for application

Under eye concealer from Shiseido is produced in a form of a thick marker pen. The applicator itself is big enough to cover all imperfections just in one brushstroke. What is more, we can choose among six shades provided by the producer: 101 Very Light, 102 Light, 103 Natural, 104 Natural Ochre, 105 Beige and 106 Warm Beige. Furthermore, Sheer Eye Zone Corrector is able to camouflage all skin imperfections appeared around eyes, evens skin tone, gives natural and sheer make-up finish. Moreover, the cosmetic brightens up and makes eyes look bigger and wider. When it comes to the package, the concealer is available in a marker-shaped pen of 3,8 ml. Fairly good information is that the Shiseido product can be accompanied with Sheer and Perfect Foundation along with Refining Makeup Primer from Shiseido . Obviously, make-up brushes of adequate sizes would be useful as well.

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