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L’Oreal – Lash Boosting Serum

Lash Boosting SerumHave you used L’Oreal – Lash Boosting Serum before? I was tempted by the great commercial I saw on TV. I did not have intension to buy it, until I saw it in Superdrug. I was in a very depressed mood and as we all know that the shopping therapy works the best. At lest it works for me. I automatically grabbed it along with Kate’s lipstick( which by the way is amazing). I started using it a couple a days later and now it is over three months I have it. The L’Oreal Boosting Serum

comes in a traditional mascara like tube. The great thing is that the bottle is transparent and you can see how much product you have left. The wand looks like a curled spatula and I guess it has to distribute the gel serum on the length of the lashes. At least I was using it that way. My lashes were never short but they lack volume. I was using the serum once a day, after my evening bath. I was even trying to apply it in the morning, but it clumped my lashes and it was not possible to put the mascara on top of it. I still have a plenty of it the tube, but I do not feel like using it. My lashes are a bit stronger but there is no improvement in their length or thickness. I have noticed that less lashes are falling out when I am removing makeup, but it is not the result I was looking for. I am not fully satisfied with the product and I will not repurchase it. I think that it may be a good lash serum if you are thinking about nourishing lashes. In my opinion it should not be advertised as a lash growth serum. Next time when I am going to purchase any kind of beauty product, I am going to do a proper search on the internet. I think the review of people who have been using the particular cosmetic is more reliable than the TV commercial. Let me know what kind of lash serum you are using and what are the results. I am sending you a plenty of love XX

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