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Mink Eyelashes. Are They Worth Wearing?

Eyelash extensions are a commonly used solution by all the women who are keen on having enhanced lashes. Application of falsies is also favoured by women who want to have beautiful lashes without the necessity of daily mascaraing. One type of eyelash extensions are those made of mink fur. However, is it a good idea to wear mink fur fake eyelashes?

Mink Eyelashes – Advantages

First of all, mink eyelashes are fluffy and definitely lighter than the synthetic falsies, therefore they look far more natural. Owing to the mutual – natural – origins, they perfectly play in tune with human eyelashes, but that’s not all. Mink eyelashes look and behave similarly to natural lashes, too. Moreover, mink fur eyelashes have various length and thickness, which helps them imitate human lashes really well.

Secondly, mink fur fake eyelashes are safe, which means that they are hypoallergenic, don’t undergo any chemical processing and are colourant-free. The only type of processing which mink fur has to be exposed to is thermal treatment. It’s crucial because it makes the fur sterile so it can be safely applied to the clients’ lashes.

There is yet another advantage of mink fur: you can use hot eyelash curler to style them. Thanks to this, the eyelashes will be lifted up permanently.

Naturally, there is a contraindication to applying mink eyelashes if you are allergic to either the fur or the adhesive used for the procedure.

Mink Eyelashes – Disadvantages

Undoubtedly, it’s all just a matter of taste. Ladies who prefer dramatic look over the natural one, won’t be rather satisfied with the fluffy mink eyelashes. Moreover, synthetic lash extensions are more lifted up and open eyes wider, whereas mink eyelashes have the tendency to arrange itself naturally. Some women complain about the mink lashes getting straight after a few days since being applied. It’s due to changing temperature and humidity.

Mink Eyelashes – Moral Aspect

The producers claim that no animal suffers during the process of obtaining the fur. In most cases, the material is collected by combing the tail of live animals. But, is the procedure always carried out this way? Some people believe that such false eyelashes are mostly material waste after brutal skinning of Siberian mink. Others question the quality of this type of lashes. They claim that if the fur isn’t obtained from material waste, it can be taken from fur which quality is poor and isn’t suitable for trading.

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