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No-Gym Hacks for Slimmer Body: Proven celebrity tips for instant results

Are you dying to slim your body down instantly? Luckily, you can achieve this body goal faster than you think. Learn the proven tricks that many celebrities claim to use. What tricks? It’s about using makeup products and applying them in such a way to create an impression of a slimmer body. Here are the tricks that can help you look gorgeous.

‎Body Slimming Makeup Tricks: The basics

Before you start contouring your body with makeup products, you should make the skin ready for it – only in this way, you can expect to create lasting effects. Therefore, begin with smoothing the body out with a scrub to prevent pigments from gathering in the creases. On top of that, it will be easier for you to steer clear of smudges.

Secondly, make sure that your skin is well-hydrated. This one of the basic skin care treatments extends the wear of makeup products you’re about to apply. Remember that many bronzing cosmetics leave yellow stains on clothing. Therefore, it’d be better to wait a while to let the beauty products (i.e. self-tanner) penetrate skin fully.

How to Get Slimmer Calves & Thighs with Makeup Products?

It’ll take you just a short while. All you have to do is reach for these long-known spray-on tights. Thanks to this simple trick, you’ll get slimmer legs in a few seconds. When it comes to thighs, choose spray-on tights that are a tone darker than your natural skin color. What if you don’t fancy wearing fake tights? Perhaps you’ll like the following ideas:

Use a self-tanner to the sides of your thighs and/or calves. For better results, apply a highlighter to the shinbone skin. In this simple way you’ll create an impression of slimmer legs.

– If you for some reason want to give spray-on tights a go, you have to learn how to apply them correctly. The first rule says that to prevent smudges and uneven distribution of the pigment, you should hold the can in a 8-inch (20-cm) distance from the legs.

– Since using makeup to contour your legs is the play of light and shadow, you have to equip yourself with light and dark cosmetics. Of course, you can use the products you like most, meaning that you can choose among: shimmering body oils, bronzers, powders, highlighters and others. Just make sure that they suit you best.

– When it comes to contouring your thighs, you have to follow the same instructions as for calf contouring. There is one thing to bear in mind, make sure that the self-tanner (or any other product that gives you a dark tone) should end right before the knees. It’s advised against putting bronzing products to “protruding” body parts such as the already-mentioned knees, elbows and ankles.

Slim & Stunning Shoulders

Contoured shoulders make you look alluring, especially when you want to wear a strapless dress. Did you know that celebrities cover their chests and shoulders with body oils before taking the first step on the red carpet? Such products are formulated with tiny shimmering particles that make the skin look younger, radiant, healthier and slimmer. We recommend you to use NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Or, Hydropeptide Nourishing Glow Body Oil, Guinot Huile Mirific Gold or Dove DermaSpa Goodness Body Oil. No matter the product chosen, always shake it well before use.

Alluring Bust

Are you going to wear a low-neck dress but you’re afraid that your skin is too pale? No worries! Applying a special luminescent powder should be your life-saver. Another good news is that almost all beauty brands have such products in their offer. Once you get it, grab a wide brush to apply it evenly. Last piece of advice concerning the bust, if you would like to make it look bigger, use a small amount of a bronzing powder and apply it to the cleavage.

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