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Silica – Magical Cosmetic Ingredient. What Effect Does It Produce?

Why should you search for silica in your beauty products? It has an exfoliating and oil-controlling effect in skin-care products. It adds smoothness and mattifies in make-up products. Surprisingly, silica boasts many more noteworthy properties. See why your cosmetics should contain it.

Simply put, silica is silicon dioxide. It’s color-less, powdery and easily soluble in water. It is naturally found in many minerals (e.g. quartz), some plants (e.g. horsetail) and living creatures (e.g. diatoms). What uses does it have?

Uses for silica

This is a truly rewarding ingredient that can be used in many fields. Generally, it acts as a stabilizing and thickening agent. That is why silica is also commonly used for production of glass, paints, mortar, cement and ceramicwares.

When it comes to cosmetic purposes, silica is used in face-care and make-up products. It extends products’ shelf-life, makes them cling to the skin and gives nice consistency. It’s a popular ingredient in scrubs, toothpastes, mattifying powders and eyeshadows, serving a slightly different purpose in each of them.

Cosmetic properties of silica

Few people know silica isn’t just a thickening agent because it also has a conditioning and beautifying effect. What does it do exactly?

Silica naturally:

  • enhances the functioning of sebum glands so it reduces the excessive secretion of oil and unhealthy shine;
  • is an astringent which exfoliates dead skin cells for perfectly clean skin without blackheads and other blemishes;
  • absorbs excess of oil so even oily skins keep fresh and matte for longer;
  • smoothes face and reflects the light to make the face look slender and flawless.

Silica in beauty products

What should you know? Depending on the product it is added to, it has a slightly different effect. It’s the most popular in these four products.

  1. Silica scrubs effectively remove dead skin cells.
  2. Silica toothpaste perfectly cleanses and brightens the teeth.
  3. Silica loose powder is a great mattifying and smoothing product.
  4. Silica eyeshadow is longer-lasting and non-flaky.

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