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Skin care of a 20-year-old – how to keep your face wrinkle-free in the future?

Being young, we do not think much about anti-wrinkle prophylaxis. We are far from first fine lines, and the skin at the age of 20 does not require any special treatments or strong substances that will smooth out the skin or make it firmer. However, the truth is, the way we take care of our skin at a young age can determine its looks and condition in the future. For instance, proper skin care at 20, can keep you from getting wrinkles at 30. How to take care of the young skin to maintain it flawless and young-looking for a longer period of time?

beauty.jpgSkin care after 20 years of age – cosmetic essentials

At the age of 20, the skin is in its best form: it abounds in the amount of collagen and elastin, it is firm and smooth, and the most common problem that can be faced is excess sebum secretion and acne.

It is worth remembering that it is also important to take care of such young skin so that in the future there will be no problems with it. The key to keeping its good condition is the three most important things:

  • thorough face cleansing,
  • proper face moisturizing,
  • protection against UV radiation.

For face washing, use lightweight cleansing gels or foams that match your skin type. If you have oily skin – remember also to perform facial exfoliating scrub regularly – once a week will suffice, unless your skin struggles with excessive sebum. In this case, it requires such a treatment much more often.

The scrub should match your skin type – if the face has pimples and acne lesions – it is better to reach for enzyme or gommage scrubs. Otherwise – just go for a delicate peel, preferably based on natural ingredients.

Moisturizing the skin is extremely important at any age – it should be done regardless of the type, condition and age of the skin. The earlier you take care of the proper level of skin hydration, the better it will function in the future. A light moisturizing cream (eg in the form of a gel, mousse or lotion) is an irreplaceable cosmetic. With oily skin, choose products that simultaneously mattify and balance sebum secretion making the pores narrower. The ideal solution is to use natural oils, which provide the skin with essential vitamins, good fatty acids, plant sterols, and flavonoids, and at the same time (like jojoba oil) is able to balance sebum on the surface. The oil will be a great solution as a night serum applied before the face cream. It can also be applied to the skin under the eyes to make it smooth and reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Last, but not least, equally important thing is to protect the skin from the sun. Nothing ruins the face as solar radiation, so when buying a face cream, pay attention to whether it contains a sufficiently high UV filter.

Skin care after 20 years of age – specialized cosmetics 

Every skin type – even the youngest one – can sometimes cause troubles. It happens due to stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, hormonal imbalance, sometimes even an inappropriate diet lead to adverse changes. At a young age, you might encounter:

  • blackheads and acne,
  • excess sebum (oily, shiny skin),
  • dark circles, swelling, and bruises under the eyes.

In order to prevent such problems, it’s worth having a particular set of cosmetics in the bathroom. They will help heal pimples with a special spot gel that is applied to the places affected by acne lesions at night. During the day, the ideal solution will be an antibacterial, spot concealer that not only heals blemishes but also masks them. Many people use tea tree oil to treat acne lesions – it is natural and perfectly deals with pimples of all kinds.

Excessive sebum secretion can be offset by a thorough and regular skin cleansing. Such care will also be supported by the cleansing and balancing face mask (eg made of green clay). A good product helping to get rid of blackheads is a black peel-off type carbon mask, and special nose strips that – when used regularly – remove black, unsightly dots from the face.

Skin care after 20 years of age – basic mistakes 

If you want to enjoy flawless ad healthy skin, you must stop making this mistakes. At a yiung age, there are the most common reasons your face condition worsens:

  • going to sleep with your makeup on,
  • using mismatched skin care products,
  • using products packed with heavy silicones and alcohols,
  • poor diet, highly-processed foods,
  • smoking cigarettes,
  • too much stress and lack of sleep,
  • sun exposure,
  • lack of sunscreen,
  • advanced beauty treatments inappropriate for a given skin type or season of the year,
  • lack of regular skin exfoliation or on the contrary, excessive exfoliation,
  • forgetting about skin moisturizing.

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