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Skin cleansing – how to get rid of toxins

Smog, contaminated air, heavy metals. These and many other threats are waiting for our skin. What influence do they have on it? Unfortunately, the impact of these substances is very harmful for the skin. Fortunately, there are cosmetics and beautifying methods that will help you protect your skin from dangerous toxins.

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Did you know that…

Impurities that are in the air negatively affect the condition of the skin. Toxins increase the risk of atopy and eczema, affect the formation of cellulite and the retention of water in the body. The most common symptoms of poisoning the skin with toxins are:

  • paleness or unhealthy colour;
  • dark under-eye circles and puffiness;
  • swelling of the legs and face area;
  • discolouration on the cheeks and forehead or above the upper lip.

Getting rid of toxins

Detoxification (purification) is a collection of biochemical reactions that change harmful compounds into less dangerous substances that will be removed from the body. Human kidneys, intestines and liver are all involved in the cleansing process of the human body. In contrast, the skin renewal process occurs every month and involves the replacement of epidermal cells. Thanks to oxygenating and moisturizing cosmetics, we can improve this process and accelerate the removal of toxins from the body.

Detoxifying substances

You will find them in cosmetics that improve microcirculation. These include: flavonoids, caffeine, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, algae, coenzyme Q10, green tea extract, coal and clay. All these substances have detoxifying and conditioning properties: they soothe irritations, moisturize, brighten and improve blood circulation. It is definitely worth including them in your beauty treatments.

Diet and physical exercise

Cosmetics are indeed very important but they are not everything. You must remember to change your whole lifestyle. The right diet and the appropriate physical exercises will help you with skin and body cleansing. Most of the toxins are removed when working out, whereas eating foods rich in the right substances will also accelerate detoxification of the body, including your skin.

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