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Skip Care Trend – Healthful & Effective Skin Care Minimalism

When does it come from? Asia, of course!

It is surprising that the approach is being promoted by women who use dozens of various products for everyday, lengthy (as long as this sentence), detailed skin ritual. I guess you would expect a minimalist approach to skin care from Scandinavians who follow the slow trend. What does Skip Care focus on and is it sometimes a good idea to give your skin some time off? If it is, what does the skin care freedom mean?

The Korean skin care has been raved about for a few years now because of the flawless and wrinkle-free faces of women living in Korea. After all, women everywhere desire the unflawed skin. As a result, Korea is a mecca of cosmetic companies where the most advanced formulas and the most natural brilliant products are made. That is why the whole world is affected by the ‘beauty tsunami’ carrying Korean beauty trends. There was glass skin astonishing with glow, honey skin – extremely nourished face which looks as if covered by a moisturizing oil. Now, the time has come for skip care – a trend created by Korean minimalists.

Skip-Care – what does the Korean trend involve?

Many of us started the Korean adventure with 10 skin care steps. I’m sure most of you see eye to eye with me – the beginnings are quite tiresome and time-consuming whereas the number of products is overwhelming. Creams, serums, essences, toners, oils, sheet masks, micellar water, sunblock – they all give us a headache and a large dose of nerves.

Of course, most of us can’t imagine not using a favorite serum, scrub once or twice a week or spending an evening with a moisturising mask.

Actually, it is possible if you’re a fan of a little different trend known as Skip-Care which turns around our orderly world, ruining well-known skin care rules totally.

Skip-Care stands in opposition to the extensive skin care regimen. Why has it come into being? Koreans (and others) believe that the ‘regular’ skin care routine has gone out of control. The fans of Skip-Care believe it is time to let the skin rest as it is incessantly bombarded by too many products, active substances, becoming vulnerable and unable to function on its own. In other words, what you need is detox. You need to be more… assertive towards your skin and stop giving it all those products so that it becomes more self-dependent and able to protect itself from the external aggressors.

While following Skip-Care, we cut down on the products and reduce them to the ones we really need. This simple skin care must be simply better for the skin.

It really makes sense. After all, overexfoliation, overwashing or using wrong products (e.g. for the skin type) are the key skin care mistakes. Applying too many oils clogging skin pores is also notorious – consequently, many of you have to go to a beauty salon or dermatologist office for regularly-performed pricey treatments. Exfoliation, nourishing, applying masks, serums… The supporters of Skip Care say the list is too long and recommend taking step back and thinking if your skin actually needs all this. Why don’t you invest in a quality moisturizer or a good cleanser, or turn your attention to 2in1, 3in1 products? Surely, this kind of detox will bring lots of benefits provided you don’t treat Skip Care like a chance of skipping all skin care steps and neglecting your skin’s needs. Never treat any skin care idea like asylum for the lazybones 🙂 Also, monitor your skin and if you spot some worrying reactions, try to toughen it up. Skip Care is likely to be the perfect method.

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