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TOP 8 – best methods of hair washing

You usually wet your hair, apply shampoo, lather it, rinse and…that’s it? Well, it’s just one of a few methods of hair care. Is it the best, though? It all depends on the type and condition of our hair, scalp and the kind of shampoo you use. Nevertheless, there are some methods of hair care that your hair will be fond of! Discover some unusual yet excellent ways of washing your hair!

beauty.jpg1 S – washing the hair with a shampoo 

This is the method most men use. They soak their hair and after a while, they rinse the cosmetic. Without even realizing that you should use the right conditioner afterwards.

2. C – washing your hair with a conditioner

Since we’ve already mentioned the conditioner – it turns out that it can be an excellent purifying substance and – above all – nourishing for dry and damaged strands. This is not an effective method in the case of hair with excessive seborrhea, but for dry, thin and tangled hair -it will be ideal.

3. SC – shampooing plus conditioning

This method is the domain of women. The most popular one is washing your hair with shampoo, rinsing it (a nod towards care) applying the right conditioner or a hair balm. Women often choose leave-in conditioners which can be applied several times during the day, to dry hair ends.

4. SCC – shampooing plus conditioning plus conditioning

This is a big nod towards care. The dual nourishment of the hair after washing consists in first applying a conditioner or a hair mask onto the strands, rinsing, and secondly – on moist or dried hair we apply a different conditioner – in the form of a cream or spray. We do not rinse the other one, but leave it on the hair until the next wash.

5. CS – conditioning plus shampooing 

Small role reversal. First, we nourish the hair by choosing a nutrient-rich mask or hair oil, which absolutely requires rinsing and then we proceed to shampooing. Hair oiling is one of the oldest and the most effective methods of care.

6. CSC – conditioning plus shampooing plus conditioning

Advanced hair care that requires a bit of time – however, it is sometimes worth devoting some time to such a double care, because the hair will definitely benefit from it. By applying a rich conditioner or a mask, hair washing and using a conditioner (with or without rinsing) you can supplement your hair care with a range of ingredients that are essential for it health and condition.

7. SCSC – 

This method involves using two types of shampoos. The first of them opens up the scales of the hair and cleanses well (special cleansing shampoos are available for purchase in almost every drugstore). Next, apply a nutrient-rich mask or oil.  Leave it in for a while and after a certain time wash the hair with a delicate shampoo and apply the conditioner (either leave-in or a regular one – the first one is usually lighter, polishes and softens the hair).

8. SCSCC – shampooing plus conditioning plus shampooing plus conditioning plus conditioning 

This method looks exactly the same as the previous one, that is, double washing combined with hair cleansing, using a rich mask or oil, washing the product, applying a rinse-out conditioner and – as the final stage – a leave-in conditioner. Such care is ideal for extremely damaged, dry hair that has lost its vitality and luster. Mature hair will also welcome such nourishing care once in a while.

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