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Top-Rated Hair Masks According to Consumers

How to find the best hair mask? It’s simple! Trust other consumers’ reviews! Choose a product that is rated the most highly – online comments are the reliable source of information on a given cosmetic. You don’t need to search on your own – we gathered only the best-selling and top-rated hair masks. Check which ones sell out in a flash.

What’s the best treatment for damaged hair?

The appearance of our hair tells us a lot about its condition and needs. Using products that don’t go with it or not caring for hair intensively enough only make its condition worse. For that reason, you can’t merely wash and apply a conditioner. You need a special treat which is a hair mask. Such a product boasts the highest concentration of ingredients that are essential to keep the hair healthy and beautiful. The best mask should be made from the best substances that have the real ability to enhance the hair. Those ingredients should be high in the INCI list to make sure their concentration is high and effective. A good formula leads you straight to healthy, strong tresses.

A good hair mask:

  • doesn’t need to be pricey
  • is light-textured and doesn’t weigh hair down
  • contains substances that really improve the hair, e.g. keratin proteins
  • has good components and nutrients high in the INCI list
  • is free from heavy silicones, dehydrating alcohols, phthalates, parabens

REVIEWS: Top-Ranked Hair Masks According to Consumers



An affordable price, big bottle, a large amount of keratin, amazing results, and rave reviews? This must be Nanoil! A terrific hair mask which blends Hydrolyzed Keratin with Panthenol – an ingredient giving hydration, smoothness and healthy shine. Your hair will look healthier after the very first use! If you dream of a gorgeous hairstyle that boasts constant gloss, smoothness and health, plus resists damage – choose the Nanoil mask with keratin proteins.

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Are you searching for a vegan-friendly hair mask in which even keratin is extracted from plants? The Global Keratin Mask is a great choice! It gets good reviews and produces good effects. The price is the only turn-off. If you’re interested in comments on this mask, they’re positive: users say it is a perfect choice for extremely damaged hair to deeply hydrate and protect it from further damage. The texture is hair- and scalp-friendly; free from chemicals, parabens, sodium chloride or phthalates.


Here’s a strengthening mask which protects blonde color, highlights fair hair and prevents brassy shade. It’s a perfect pick for bleached hair, preventing dryness and moisturizing to keep it resilient and resistant to breakage. The Kerastase Blond Absolu Mask repairs the hair shaft and deeply hydrates thanks to a large amount of hyaluronic acid. It’s enriched with edelweiss extract which protects against environmental factors.


Do you want to keep your hair color vibrant and prevent it from fading and washing out? Try the L’Oreal Mask for color-treated hair. According to the user reviews, the product protects the hair color for up to 8 weeks, intensively strengthens and moisturizes, as well as delivers shine and smoothness. It’s rich in resveratrol – a strong antioxidant which prevents damage on the hair surface and stimulates the repair process. It lasts long and doesn’t weigh strands down.