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Matcha-mania – your skin likes tea as well! – discover the power of green tea in skin care

What is Tealogy? 

First of all, it’s a new trend in skin care, which was launched as one of the first by a company with the same name. Tealogy is famous for its natural cosmetics, based on ecological ingredients of high quality. Its key to success lies is tea. Not just black tea. The new cosmetic line bases its revitalizing and rejuvenating properties on the strongly firming and regenerating effect of matcha tea. Why is it worth reaching for the green tea Tealogy line?

beauty.jpgMatcha – tea of longevity

Matcha is a variation of green tea, one of the most appreciated in Japan and China. It occurs in the form of a powder, and its healing and rejuvenating properties have been known in Asia for thousands of years. It is a treasury of antioxidants, it has anti-radical properties, prevents cancer and heart disease. It turns out that one cup of matcha tea is the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of ‘regular’ green tea! It is unrivaled – richer in antioxidants than its “green sister” almost 140 times. Matcha also contains caffeine – in this respect, it is equal to coffee, but it works longer because it gradually releases energy and avoids sudden drops.

Probably everyone who decided to start a healthy and weight loss diet will also be pleased that matcha is the perfect remedy for losing extra kilograms. All thanks to the content of the compound with a mysteriously sounding name EGCG, which perfectly boosts the metabolism.

Matcha in cosmetics

It’s time to go to the most bothering question: how matcha affects the skin and why cosmetics with this tea are so unique and valuable?

It turns out that matcha, subjected to appropriate treatment, has beneficial effects on the skin: it has strong antioxidant, rejuvenating and revitalizing qualities. If you are looking for a perfect and intensive anti-aging treatment, then the cosmetics with the addition of matcha will surprise you pleasantly.

Cosmetics with the addition of matcha abound in natural antioxidants, a number of minerals, vitamins, the already mentioned caffeine, and valuable chlorophyll.

Cosmetics with matcha tea – which ones to choose?

If you decide to go for “oriental rejuvenation” of the skin with the use of tea-based cosmetics – look for products that have a well-balanced composition free of parabens, silicones and other comedogenic substances. Ideally, if the action of matcha tea in a given cream is supplemented by other natural, ecological and high-class ingredients: natural oils or other plant extracts. Also, because of the fact that the skin is quickly aging due to UV radiation – remember to make sure whether the cream contains a suitably high sunscreen (the absolute minimum is SPF 15).

Furthermore, a face mask with the addition of matcha tea will work perfectly on the skin – Korean sheet masks work the most intensively – their penetrating abilities are stronger, and the gel liquid they are soaked in has a light formula that allows the ingredients to penetrate deeper layers of the epidermis. The matcha-based mask has smoothing properties, ensures the right degree of skin hydration, refreshes, tones and soothes, as well as strengthens the elasticity of the epidermis.

Tealogy offers a very interesting cosmetic with a matcha extract – it is an innovative and cleverly released, cleansing and delivering oxygen to the skin – a  scrub in the form of a stick. It is extremely comfortable to use, and the compact formula (stick) allows for the maximum concentration of active ingredients in the product. The stick is green, has a beautiful aroma and the matcha action is complemented by soothing and regulating water-lipid balance rice proteins. The skin cleansing stick with matcha tea perfectly exfoliates and cleanses the epidermis, closes the pores and does not irritate the skin. Rice starch contained in the stick unify the skin tone, and hyaluronic acid takes care of its elasticity and youth. The scrub is the perfect complement to green face cream with matcha tea. The stick is suitable both for massaging the moistened skin and for application in the form of a mask (apply it to dry skin, wait a few moments, then rinse with lukewarm water). This way, the cleansed complexion is perfectly prepared for the matcha mask.

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